Teaching Experience

2021 - N0w

Assistant Professor: Undergraduate courses

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Humanity (300 level)

  • An overview of AI development methods and deep exploration of ethical/philosophical issues related to AI development and applications.

  • The course features a mixture of readings, reflections, discussions, debates, and hands-on AI projects.

Computer Literacy (100 level)

  • A practical introduction to the most important topics related to digital literacy, including how computers and the Internet work, evaluating digital information, online safety and privacy, data collection, organization and analysis, coding and media creation.

  • The course features lots of hands-on activities, reflections and projects.

Critical Issues in the Digital Age (100 level)

  • An overview of topics related to the impact of technology on society, economics, and our psychology (e.g., technology addiction, algorithm biases in social media, the relationship of technology and time, gig economy, Artificial Intelligence and societal reforms)

  • The course involves ongoing reflection, practical activities (e.g., a no-technology day), and drama activities (role-playing, acting).

Learning and Technology (200 level)

  • This course dives into theories of teaching and learning and psychology in relation to technology use. Some of typical topics include connectivism and MOOCs, semiotic domains, situated learning and video games (James Paul Gee), democratic education (John Dewey) and online communities.

  • Students engage in a semester-long research project on the topic of their choice.

2016 - 2021

Private English & Russian Tutor


  • Tutored students of all levels in English (TOEFL, FCE, CAE, academic English, scientific writing, international speaking club); used and adapted such books as Navigate, Compact First and Advanced, EnglishCollocations / Phrasal Verbs / Vocabulary in Use

  • Tutored beginner and pre-intermediate students in Russian (for general purposes)

  • I also host a weekly English Speaking Club and English Movie Club online for English learners from different countries (Russia, China, Peru, Brazil, Japan)

2016 - 2019

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Dennis Learning Center, Ohio State University

  • Taught in-person and online.

  • Implemented project and problem-based learning, student-led discussions, game-based activities, online videoconferencing, collaborative online projects.

  • Worked with students with diverse background, particularly international students, students on probation and students facing various academic challenges.

  • Led the planning and the execution of the online component of the Signature Course Grant initiative (resulting in this website).

  • Wrote a free textbook about learning in college collaboratively with my online students and used it in the classroom; I am currently editing it to make it open source and freely available for everyone. If you'd like to view this textbook, please contact me.


Teacher of English

English Forward Studio, St. Petersburg, Russia

    • Taught in-person group classes for adult English learners (beginner and intermediate).